One of the achievements KTR and KCR talk about in the Election Meetings is the increase in the Real Estate after Telangana formation. They say land rates have increased by 10-20 times in these nine years of KCR‘s rule.

While this will definitely have a positive impact on a small section of the public, it will also have a negative impact on another big section. There are people – the poor, the middle-class, and even the upper middle-class are feeling the pinch due to the increased real estate.

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These sections can not afford to buy a house or flat due to the skyrocketing prices. The increased land rates just do not involve in the sale of lands, it will increase the rents both residential and commercial.

All prices increase and the cost of living increases due to this and impacts the people.

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Usually these things do not directly impact the Governments because many people do not attribute everything to the Government. But then, when you talk about it like an achievement, it is bound to pinch many.

At the same time, land holding farmers are positively benefitted due to this increase and they will certainly tilt towards the BRS in the Election.

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So KCR and KTR should think twice before aggressively saying it.