Telangana Elections 2023 BRS Congress BJP

As only a few hours are left until December 3, the day of counting in Telangana, the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) have been safely taken to secure rooms in counting centers.

Results for the smallest constituency are expected by 10 am, and the counting process starts at 8:00 am, deciding the fate of 2,290 candidates.

A strong three-layer security system has been deployed for the rooms holding the EVMs. To keep the machines safe, 40 companies of central police forces are on duty. The security involves central forces, state armed reserve police, and civil police.

In total, there are 119 reception centers for all constituencies. The EVMs are first kept here, then securely moved to the 49 counting centers with supervision from observers and candidate representatives. These machines are sealed in rooms monitored by CCTV cameras.

Around 1.8 lakh postal ballots in Hyderabad are currently being checked. Instead of using regular mail, people cast these ballots at facilitation centers. After verification, they are sent to assigned counting centers.

During counting, 1,766 tables will be set up. For constituencies with over 500 booths, 28 tables will be arranged across six constituencies. The CEO explained the schedule, stating that postal ballots are counted first at 8:00 am, followed by EVM counting at 8:30 am. If postal ballot counting isn’t finished, both processes will happen together.

As an additional note, all wine shops in the city will be closed on the counting day. This decision is to avoid any issues and ensure a smooth and calm atmosphere during this crucial time.