YS Sharmila Campaign

The latest election results prove that the Congress has not gained much momentum even in the constituencies where Sharmila’s campaign meetings were held.

Apart from a slight increase in votes this time compared to the last two elections, the Congress candidates did not get enough votes to affect the victory or defeat in any constituency.

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There were not many predictions about a Congress victory in the AP elections. However, Sharmila brought some momentum after becoming President of the APPCC. One or two surveys predicted that the INC might win Madakasira in Ananthapur district and Chirala in Prakasam district, but TDP won those two segments as well.

Sharmila was well received by the people in the areas she visited, and many thought her influence would make a difference in the district this time. The candidates of other parties were worried that the Congress candidates would snatch YSRCP votes, but that did not happen anywhere in the state.

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In reality, TDP benefited from Sharmila’s campaign. TDP’s victory in 5 out of 7 segments in Kadapa district is the best performance of the party since its inception.

Congress failed to convert Sharmila’s popularity into votes in the district. She came in third place in the Kadapa Parliament contest. Congress split 10% of the votes from YSRCP in the Kadapa Parliament, which helped TDP win 3 Assembly segments in the district.

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