BRS leader KT Rama Rao has responded to the AP election results after more than a month. KTR’s initial reaction to Jagan’s defeat surprised everyone in the Telugu states. Both KCR and KTR seem to be more upset about YSRCP’s loss than their own.

Before and during the general elections in AP, BRS President KCR confidently stated that Jagan would return to power for a second term in AP. He mentioned this in two or three media channel interviews. KTR also repeated the same prediction, asserting that YS Jagan would become CM of AP for a second time.

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However, their hopes were dashed by AP voters. If we delve into the details of their concern, we can understand the real political scenario. KCR and KTR repeatedly stated that the Congress government would collapse. Their statements prompted Revanth Reddy to start Operation Akarsh in BRS.

If Jagan had won in AP, KCR and KTR planned to seek YS Jagan’s help to topple the Revanth government in Telangana. Jagan was also inclined to assist KCR in dethroning Revanth due to their enmity. BRS leaders intended to set up MLA camps in AP with Jagan’s help.

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Jagan even asked for BJP’s assistance to topple the Congress government in Telangana on behalf of KCR. All their expectations were shattered by the AP people. This is a classic example of “Man proposes, God disposes.”