Pawan Kalyan DharnaThe Andhra Pradesh police, under YS Jagan’s regime, interrupted Pawan Kalyan’s journey twice as they thought he was on his way to show support for N Chandrababu Naidu, who had been arrested earlier.

Kalyan clarified that the event had been scheduled four months ago, and he was actually on his way to attend a Janasena party meeting for Varahi 4th Phase. Contrary to speculations, he stated that he wasn’t heading to Vijayawada to support Chandrababu Naidu and criticized the government for causing unnecessary chaos due to the assumption that he was going to meet CBN and offer support.

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Kalyan had to walk a portion of the distance, which sparked clashes between his supporters and the police. These incidents unfolded after the police stopped his convoy, first near Jaggayyapeta and then at Anumanchipalli.

Frustration grew as Kalyan’s vehicles were repeatedly halted, prompting him to sit on the road in protest. The Jagayyapeta police eventually arrested him during this tense situation while he lay down on the road.

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It is quite strange that the YSRCP government is scared of Pawan Kalyan. Preventing him from reaching Mangalagiri and arresting him seems unnecessary. What harm could it have done even if Pawan Kalyan had reached Mangalagiri to express his support for Chandrababu Naidu? At most, he might have held a press conference and criticized YS Jagan and his vendetta politics.

It’s the TDP members and supporters who have taken to the streets to protest against Jagan’s actions. Arresting Pawan Kalyan highlights the apprehension of Jagan and his party, not only toward CBN, Nara Lokesh, and TDP supporters but also toward anyone who raises their voice against them. It is another self-goal by Jagan.

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