It is known that the YSR Congress Party has already collapsed after winning only 11 seats out of 175 seats in the 2024 Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections. In the 2026 redistribution of constituencies, the Pulivendula constituency represented by YSRCP chief Jagan may become an SC reserved constituency, which could be a significant blow to the YSRCP.

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What is Delimitation of Constituencies?

Delimitation Commissions are formed to redistribute the boundaries of Assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies based on the latest census in India. This process also includes the delimitation and rotation of SC and ST constituencies. The reserved constituencies are changed in a rotation system so that a single constituency does not remain SC or ST reserved permanently. The Delimitation Commission, constituted by the President, works in conjunction with the Election Commission. Retired judges of the Supreme Court are also members. Decisions taken by the Commission cannot be challenged.

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Controversial 2006 Redistricting

The 2006 redistricting process was implemented in 2008. At that time, the Telugu Desam Party strongly criticized the redistribution process, alleging that it was favorable to the then Congress party.

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2026 Delimitation Impact on YSRCP

The 2026 delimitation of constituencies is expected to have a significant impact on YSRCP. Currently, TDP is in power in Andhra Pradesh, while the NDA is in power at the center with the support of TDP. Some political analysts, observing the developments of 2006, predict that the 2026 redistribution may severely impact YSRCP’s future.

There are concerns among YSRCP leaders that Chandrababu Naidu may influence the NDA and the commission to make Pulivendula an SC constituency as part of the delimitation process. The YSRCP also fears that the 2026 redistribution could further damage their electoral chances.

It is uncertain whether Chandrababu Naidu will influence the redistricting process in this way. However, TDP sympathizers believe that if Jagan had come to power, he might have made Kuppam an SC constituency, adversely affecting TDP. They opine that such a move would have prevented TDP from recovering even by 2029.

AP Redistricting Act, 2014 and Increase in Constituencies

As per Section 26 of the Andhra Pradesh Redistricting Act, 2014, the assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh will increase from 175 to 225, and in Telangana from 119 to 153.