YCP Leader Ravindranath Reddy

YSRCP’s former MLA Ravindranath Reddy (YS Jagan’s uncle) is at it again with his ridiculous claims. This time, he’s blaming Chandrababu Naidu for tampering with EVMs to win the elections, and the excuses are as bizarre as they come.

Reddy alleges that Naidu managed to manipulate the votes all the way from Singapore using barcodes!

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According to Reddy, Naidu used technical tampering while comfortably seated in Singapore. He claims that the votes weren’t from the public, but were instead engineered by Naidu through some grand scheme.

During a media interaction in Kadapa, Reddy expressed his suspicion that Naidu tampered with the EVMs using barcodes, insisting that the people didn’t actually vote for him. He further accused the TDP leader of managing the entire system to pull off this so-called scam statewide.

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Reddy’s assertions are so outlandish that they’re laughable. He even mentioned plans to approach the courts soon, though it’s hard to see how anyone could take these wild claims seriously.

Ravindranath Reddy’s excuses are not just lame but comical. People are claiming that YCP leaders’ claims are better than Jabaradasth’s jokes.

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As if the shameful defeat wasn’t enough, YSRCP party members seem determined to become troll fodder with their silly talk.