Just a night before the 2023 Telangana election results were announced, KTR confidently proclaimed that his party, BRS, was on track to secure a third consecutive victory—a hat trick in the making—despite exit polls predicting a loss for BRS.

However, the following day, the results revealed a crushing defeat for BRS as Congress formed the government. An embarrassed KTR conceded defeat.

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Now, most of the exit polls for the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections predict that YSRCP is going to lose big time and the TDP alliance will form the government.

In an attempt to counter this grim forecast, YSRCP’s official social media handle posted, “YS Jagan 2.0 loading.”

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This declaration has drawn mockery on social media, with many recalling KTR’s similar claims before his party’s defeat.

The prevailing sentiment suggests that YS Jagan’s confident statement might lead to a similar embarrassment.

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After the results are announced, YS Jagan and his party may face the same public humiliation that KTR experienced.