Former Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has struggled to accept the severe defeat in the general elections. From the very beginning, Jagan blamed the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), raising suspicions about their integrity instead of accepting the defeat. Several YSRCP leaders echoed his sentiments.

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Jagan, who faced a significant loss in the AP assembly elections, made sensational comments amidst a global debate on the use of EVMs in elections. He argued that almost all developed democratic countries use paper ballots and not EVMs. He stated, “To show the true spirit of our democracy, we should also take steps towards paper ballots.”

However, YSRCP leaders seem to overlook a crucial point. In March 2023, the TDP won all three graduate MLC elections, which were conducted using ballot papers, not EVMs. These elections took place in the regions of Uttarandhra, East Rayalaseema, and West Rayalaseema, covering 108 Assembly segments.

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People decided to defeat Jagan government 15 months back itself. But unfortunately Jagan and his team failed to understand the verdict of educated voters. TDP won these elections without any alliances at the time. Despite this, YSRCP leaders continue to insist they were not truly defeated, highlighting the extent of their disconnect with the electorate’s sentiment.

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