A private conversation of TDP Senior Leader Ayyannapatrudu was leaked on social media.

In the video, they are seen saying that Jagan is defeated but not killed because he has immense support for money and caste. They also discussed about a few people in the Telangana Government being close to Jagan.

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At the very mention of ‘Killed’, YSR Congress Social Media teams got alert and started making claims that there may be conspiracies to kill Jagan.

Ayyannapatrudu is saying that in the context of Politics. He meant Jagan is defeated but not politically dead.

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YSR Congress should be happy about Ayyanna not writing off Jagan. He did not mean ‘Killed’ in the literal sense.

It is not difficult to understand if we watch the video.

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But then, the YSR Congress is always excited about the mention of deaths, killings, etc.

In 2014, it is about YSR’s death, In 2019, it is about Kodi Kathi Attack and Viveka’s Murder, and In 2024, it is about Gulakaray Attack.

Jagan Mohan Reddy was exposed in both the cases – Kodi Kathi and Viveka’s Murder and so people are vigilant now.

They have completely rejected the Stone Attack drama.

The recent election results are an indication that people care a damn about these sympathy politics.

Now, YSR Congress’ social media is back to the same sympathy politics. But people are not fools to fall for these stunts.

TDP should also see how a Private Conversation leaked. It is a serious lapse in security.