Pantham Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
A Wasted Cause


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 02 mins

Gopichand - Pantham Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
A series of robberies happen targeting specific individuals. Why are they done and what is the final outcome? Why are ministers from the government the targeted people? Are they all connected?

How Is Gopichand’s Performance?
Gopichand is back to doing what he does best in Pantham. He plays his role with ease as it is bread and butter for him. Regarding a memorable scene or moment, it comes during the climax court room sequence. Although, that too is nothing out of the world, it is the best out there. The biggest positive for Gopichand in the movie is his overall look, he has been presented really well.

Direction by K. Chakravarthy Reddy?
K Chakravarthy has taken a typical predictable commercial potboiler with a message route for his debut. It is the kind of film we have seen Ravi Teja do few years back and were among his big successes. So, the idea and content is right for a mass hero.

Unfortunately, Chakravarthy fails is making a cohesive engaging narrative. The movie looks fine in parts and is also overall passable but there are vast stretches that are tiring and very predictable. But more than that they are executed weakly. The interest in the proceedings is missing and that falls flatly on the director’s shoulders.

The first half of the movie begins with an interesting and neatly executed opening block. Following it, the train robbery and the interval is nice. But the romance track and comedy in between looks half cooked and uninterestingly inserted. A lot of it has to do with bad editing and the accompanying background score. The love portions kills the flow totally.

The same problem continues in the second half but here interesting blocks come quicker compared to the first half. The additional issue here is the flat narrative. Just when one gets engaged to the narrative, it feels like the climax has started.

The climax block is well done for the most part. Three-fourths of it is good. Again, like everything else the whole thing is concluded in a very simplistic manner that comes across as silly. On the whole, Pantham has its moments, albiter limited. It could have been otherwise with better editing and direction. Overall, a below average fare that is aimed for the masses.

Gopichand - Pantham Movie ReviewMehreen Kaur and Others?
Mehreen has one of the worst roles for a heroine in recent times in Telugu cinema. She plays a character that is entirely unrelated to the main plot. In the past, citing similar reasons her part was totally edited post release of a movie, the same can be done here. Sampath does his usual over the portrayal of a villain character. Mukesh Rishi is wasted. Prudhvi has few gags that work out. Srinivas Reddy is alright and so is Prabhas Sreenu.

Music Director Gopi SundarMusic and Other Departments?
Pantham is one of the weakest outings of music director Gopi Sundar. Neither the songs nor the background score make an impact. The cinematography is decent. The editing of the movie is bad. The dialogues should have been a lot better.

Basic plot
Few action parts

Weak direction
Music & BGM
Love track

SampathAlternative Take
A film like Power should be an idea template for an alternative take. Pantham with similar engaging narrative would have had much bigger impact for the masses

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?
With huge reservations for mass movie lovers

Pantham Review by Siddartha


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Preview: Pantham

Gopichand is at a point of his career where he needs a big boost up in the form of a successful movie as he had slowed down after a few disappointing movies. His last release ‘Oxygen’ was a total washout.

The competition is really heavy from the youngsters who are coming up with novel concepts and are daring enough to take up unconventional and experimental characters. After a low phase, Gopichand is coming with ‘Pantham‘ without too much delay like it happened in the case of his previous release.

K Chakravarthy who is making his directorial debut with ‘Pantham’ wrote the screenplay for Ravi Teja’s ‘Power’ and NTR’s ‘Jai Lava Kusa’. He was actually supposed to make his debut with Ravi Teja’s movie. But, ‘Pantham’ came in its place.

Coming to Gopichand, his last hit was ‘Loukyam’ in 2014. When Rs. 40 crores was a big deal, he scored Rs 20 crores, back then when he was in the limelight. Currently, it would be interesting to see what is hit potential in the current market.

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