Canadian Store

As kids we all have wondered how great it would be if we can just walk into any store and get what we need without paying for it. If you still have that fantasy then there’s a place that can help you fulfill it. Canada is going to open its first free grocery store which is a unique experience in its kind.

The city of Saskatchewan is opening a new food bank which is in form of a grocery store to support the local community. It will stock items like any other store and will also feature full length display fridges.

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This unique concept is aimed at providing free food to the needy with dignity. Every person will have access to food worth $200 every two weeks. There has also been a lot of criticism about it on the internet and some people believe it’ll encourage people not to work.

It won’t be a surprise if politicians all around the world start something similar to woo voters. In India, poll promises usually involve free ration, electricity and water. Adding a store like this in manifesto shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.

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