Telugu YouTuber USA Deletes X Twitter LinkedIN Janasena

When you live in the digital era, you never know what will blow up, positively or negatively. One simple comment from Kumari aunty made her famous overnight, and all the media channels carried her news until it reached the state Chief Minister Revanth Reddy.

Now, a Telugu YouTuber who reviews movies from the U.S. made an analysis video on the Telugu political landscape and potential winner.

He criticized Pawan Kalyan and his Janasena party ideology, which quickly gained attention, filling social media platform Twitter with clips from his video.

Soon after, Janasainiks started tagging USICS to remove his H1-B visa and deport him. They complained to USICS, stating that while on an H1B visa, he is earning money from his YouTube channel.

The issue escalated, leading the YouTuber to quit Twitter and LinkedIn to avoid any immigration-related issues.

As we said, you never know what can blow up big these days. This is just another example of it.