For the last couple of days, there have been rumors that cricketer Hardik Pandya is separating from his wife Natasha. There are reports that the couple is not in the best of terms and they could be parting ways soon.

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Not just that, there are social media rumors that Hardik could be losing over 70% of his assets and properties to his wife Natasha if the couple actually do get divorced.

Well, this is nothing but a sheer senseless blame game. No one knows the actual status of the couple, let alone who is at fault. But social media is abuzz about Natasha walking away with 70% of Hardik’s assets.

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The couple hasn’t even spoken about their divorce but everyone is busy drawing theories about Natasha is getting rich by marrying and divorcing Hardik. There are even memes on how women across the world have found a new startup idea by marrying rich men and later divorcing them to get a share in the properties.

Not knowing the facts of the case and the entire development and jus degrading the woman based on assumptions shows the toxicity in the modern day social media groups.

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