Shivam Dube Virat Kohli

Team India has officially qualified for the Super 8 stage of the ongoing edition of the T20 World Cup. While things are sailing smoothly for most parts, two players in particular are leaving fans extremely anxious.

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One is team India’s talismanic batsman Virat Kohli and the other is new recruit Shivam Dube. Till now, Virat Kohli’s scores in the World Cup read 1(3), 4(5), and 0(1). On the other hand, Dube is proving to be a menace to the team with the bat.

Luckily, team India could pull through with contributions from other batsmen and the underwhelming performance of other teams.

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But once the Super 8s start, India must be extremely careful about the batting form of Virat Kohli. He must come good in the latter half as the games against Australia, West Indies, and others will be extremely tight.

On the other hand, there is increased commotion on social media that the Indian side must immediately sack Dube who is struggling with the bat and is unable to bowl well either.

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With a gun player like Yasaswi Jaiswal waiting on the sidelines, it has to be seen how long Dube can stay in this side with such below-par performances.