Indian Jewelry Sold

Two years ago, in Rajasthan’s Johri Bazar, an American woman named Cherish fell victim to a jewelry scam that cost her $718,000. She believed she was buying authentic Indian gold jewelry, supported by a hallmark certificate of purity.

However, when she showcased the pieces at a US exhibition, she discovered they were fake and worth just $4.

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Shocked by the revelation, Cherish returned to India to confront the shopkeeper, Gaurav Soni, who denied any wrongdoing.

Seeking justice, she contacted the US embassy, which helped her file a police complaint against Gaurav and his father, Rajendra Soni.

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Police investigations revealed that the so-called diamonds were actually moonstones, and the gold was only two carats instead of the claimed 14 carats. Jaipur police’s deputy chief, Bajrang Singh Shekhawat, confirmed these findings.

The Sonis accused Cherish of fleeing with the jewelry without paying, but CCTV footage disproved their claim.

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Police arrested Nandkishore, the issuer of the fake hallmark certificate, while Gaurav and Rajendra Soni remain on the run. Special police teams are actively searching for them.

Cherish’s complaint also brought to light several other fraud allegations against the Sonis. She first connected with them on Instagram in 2022 and now believes they have been systematically cheating her and other designers.

Instead of the promised 14-carat gold and natural diamonds, the Sonis sent low-quality gold and moonstones, accompanied by fake certificates.

Cherish suspects that around 10 other designers have also been deceived in this elaborate scam.