Americans may leave their country but the racism that runs in their veins cannot be left behind. The country that systematically repressed anyone who’s not white for decades is the first to lecture on who’s being an anti-semite or borderline racist. A video has emerged in which an American is heard racially abusing an Indian guy causing an outrage on the internet.

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In this video, the man can be heard calling the Indian, ‘an invasive species’. He also tried to shame a white girl who was with the victim. This incident happened in Poland, which the American described as the most white country in the world.

If the immigration laws were just as stringent for Americans coming to other countries as it is for anyone entering America, maybe we would have been able to confine all this racism in a rather smaller territory.

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The United States of America fails to acknowledge how racist the general population has become and how it is giving rise to fascism in the country. The war fuelled economy of the country runs on propaganda, and for them it is important to make sure racism is discussed only when it’s about anti-semitism.

The country pulls out machine guns to deal with students who want peace in Palestine because not wanting kids getting beheaded is apparently anti-semitic in the US and on the other hand, completely ignores how the country treats minorities.

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