Joe Biden

The first presidential debate in the United States has raised more questions about the future than it has answered. There is a rising concern among the democrats regarding Biden’s ability to continue for the next 4 years as president if he wins. But before that, many are not happy with his performance in the debate and believe someone else should replace him.

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Biden has tried to assure voters that he is running only because he thinks he is perfectly capable of. But democrats have started looking for options which can replace him if need be. Kamala Harris has made it to the top of that list and started speculations about the possibility of the first Indian origin President in the USA.

Vice President Kamala Harris has served with a much better image than Biden himself in the last 4 years and many experts believe that she can give the democrats an edge over Donald Trump.

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Biden’s age has been the major concern of democrats this election and there have been many occasions when the White House had to clarify his behavior as ‘normal’. Trump is not someone you consider any younger either but when pitted against Biden, he appears.

Kamala Harris getting nominated for the race is far from realization at the moment. However, it is time the democrats start weighing their options.

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