Danish PM Mette Frederiksen Attacked

Disturbing news has come out of Copenhagen, the Danish capital, where Mette Frederiksen, the Danish PM, was attacked at Kultorvet. The PM did not suffer any visible injury and was able to leave the scene.

The police have not shared any news about the attacker but some eyewitnesses shared what they saw. One described the assailant as a tall and slim person who tried to escape the scene but was caught by the security services.

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There has been official acknowledgement of the incident which led to worldwide sympathy for the PM. Magnus Heunicke, the Danish minister of environment, wrote on X ‘Mette is naturally shocked by the attack. I must say that it shakes all of us who are close to her.’

Indian PM, Narendra Modi, shared his concern regarding the attack and wished his Danish counterpart a speedy recovery.

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People around the world shared their reactions. Many have tried to link the attack to Frederiksen’s anti-immigration stance. Denmark has been providing asylum to refugees for a long time and the rise in unrest across Europe has led to a review in that policy. The current government in Denmark is of the same opinion to reduce the number of refugees. Many think that this stance over refugees intake is the reason behind the attack.