Deadly Indian Family Drama

A quiet evening turned into a nightmare in Richmond Hill, Ontario, as an Indian-origin man, Karamjit Multani, 33, shot his younger brother Vipanpal, 27, and injured their mother before turning the gun on himself.

In a tight-knit community known for its vibrant Punjabi Sikh population, the Multani family was having a quiet evening with pizza when Karamjit suddenly went into Vipanpal’s room and started shooting.

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Vipanpal’s desperate plea, “Please, don’t let me die,” echoed in the house before he succumbed to his injuries in a neighbor’s arms. Their 52-year-old mother was also wounded but survived.

Karamjit fled and ended his life two kilometers away, leaving his community and family in shock.

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Friends and family are stunned, as Karamjit was known as a nice and funny guy and a father of three with no known problems.

Richmond Hill, accustomed to the crackle of firecrackers, mistook the gunshots for celebration until the police sirens shattered the illusion.

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In the aftermath, neighbors grappled with the gruesome scene and the shocking realization that even the closest families can possess devastating secrets.