Indian Elections

The election fever has started gripping most of India but this feeling is also shared with the citizens of the US who are going to vote in November. However, the Indian Americans are excited for their favorite Indian leader and the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The supporters are expressing their love and excitement in unique ways.

Supporting a third term for the BJP government under Narendra Modi, many Indian Americans took out rallies in various US cities with banners and posters of Narendra Modi. It would be interesting to find out if ever a campaign took place for a leader in a country far far away from where they are contesting.

More than 200 cars took part in these rallies and around 300 people participated in them. This was not a one time event but these rallies took place in more than 20 cities showing the craze for Narendra Modi among the Indian Americans.

One of them said that they are excited about the upcoming elections and want the BJP government to win over 400 seats which is also their campaign slogan.