Indian Man Sprays Stonehenge Orange: Arrested

On June 19, Stonehenge was vandalized by a 73-year-old man of Indian origin. Rajan Naidu was joined by 21-year-old Niamh Lynch, who is a student at Oxford, in the act. The two men sprayed orange cornflour on the pillars of Stonehenge in order to bring attention to the issue of fossil fuels and their indiscriminate usage, leading to the degradation of the environment. The two men were arrested by Wiltshire police responding to a report about orange paint being sprayed over the monument.

As the inquiry goes on, we get statements from Rajan, released by ‘Just Stop Oil’ activists, stating, “Either we end the fossil fuel era, or the fossil fuel era ends us.” The activists used powder paint to “decorate” the monument to garner attention from the UK government. They wish for a commitment to active efforts towards the eradication of fossil fuel usage in the next six years.

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The “eye-catching spectacle,” as it was dubbed by the ‘Just Stop Oil’ activists, will wash away with the rain. However, it does bring attention to the ever-growing problem of fossil fuels. This, however, comes off as a very distasteful way of protesting, as the heritage of any country should not be marked to demonstrate any agenda. The UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, too spoke against the act, deeming it “disgraceful.”.

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