VISA Rules

The new immigration rules in the United Kingdom has made life difficult for the workers from all around the world who find themselves stuck in the country. A large number of these are Indian healthcare workers who are appealing for help from the UK government.

Ever since the change in dependent visa policy, there has been a decrease in the number of applications in different work related and student visas. There has been a 76 off percent drop in the number of applications of foreign workers applying for jobs in the care sector in the UK.

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38,866 Indians received a UK Visa in the health and care sector last year. Many of them are now facing the risk of deportation if they can’t find employment in 60 days. This is going to affect many workers and their families who have moved to the UK in hope of a better life.

The UK government has said that the British people deserve an immigration system that puts the citizens first. Immigrants are a major part of the UK economy and change in immigration rules can have a severe impact on it.

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