Jaahnavi Kandula CaseMumbai-born Kshama Sawant, a prominent Indian-origin Seattle council member, has called for an elected police accountability system following the shocking incident of Jaahnavi Kandula’s death.

The incident occurred when Officer Kevin Dave, driving at an excessive speed without sirens, fatally struck Jaahnavi Kandula in a crosswalk earlier this year.

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A bodycam video exposed Seattle Police Officers’ Guild Vice President Daniel Auderer mocking her death, saying her life “had limited value” in a conversation with senior officer Mike Solan, adding further distress to the tragedy.

Shockingly, Auderer’s disturbing history emerged, revealing 18 investigations since 2014 and lawsuits costing the city over $1.7 million, yet no dismissals or legal repercussions.

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Kshama Sawant’s response was a demand for an elected police accountability system, criticizing the ineffectiveness of the Office of Professional Accountability in holding the Seattle Police accountable.

She highlighted this as a nationwide issue of police excessive force, irrespective of political affiliations, particularly impacting marginalized communities. Mayor Bruce Harrell conveyed condolences to Kandula’s family, distancing the city from Auderer’s heartless remarks.

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