Kamla Harris Trolled

A recent CNN poll has stirred up the political landscape, suggesting that Kamala Harris might have a better shot at winning the 2024 presidential election than the Boss President Joe Biden. The poll, shows 47% of registered voters backing Donald Trump, while 45% are in favour of Harris. With the results falling within the margin of error, there’s no clear leader yet.

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Interestingly, the poll highlights Harris’s stronger appeal among women and independent voters compared to Biden. This shift in voter sentiment could be a game-changer for the Democrats. However, the White House has remained silent on these latest figures.
The buzz isn’t just limited to poll numbers. In the past 24 hours, leading bookmakers have adjusted the odds for Harris’s potential win. Her chances have significantly improved from 16/1 to as favourable as 7/1 and 9/1. This uptick follows Biden’s disappointing debate performance against Trump in Atlanta, which caused a sharp drop in his approval rating.

The debate performance has fueled discussions about Biden’s fitness for another term. With his approval rating slipping, some Democrats are vocal about their concerns. There’s a growing sentiment within the party that Biden should step aside. Reports indicate that some donors have urged him to withdraw, and 25 Democratic members of the House are preparing to call for his resignation.

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The Reuters/Ipsos poll adds another layer to this unfolding drama, showing that one in three Democrats believes Biden should end his re-election campaign. As the debate over the party’s best candidate intensifies, the question remains: Is Kamala Harris the Democrats’ best hope for 2024?

With voter sentiment shifting and internal party dynamics evolving, the coming weeks will be crucial for the Democratic Party. Will Harris step up and take the lead, or will Biden bounce back and secure his position? One thing is for sure – the road to the 2024 election is heating up, and it’s going to be a thrilling ride.

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