As the Indian population grows significantly, major brands from India are targeting states in the USA with large Desi communities. Considerable expansion has already happened in the Indian grocery and food businesses.

However, the trend differs in clothing. There isn’t as much demand for traditional Indian clothing to establish large shops, hence most clothing businesses operate from home basements, primarily run by housewives.

Now, prominent Indian jewelry brands are setting their sights on Desi-populated states like New Jersey and Texas. While New Jersey already hosts a couple of major jewelry brands, a big jewelry brand owned by the TATA group has opened two stores in Dallas.

The Frisco store spans more than 5000 sqft, while the Houston location covers 3800 sqft.

The long line of people waiting outside the Frisco store highlighted the initial demand for Indian jewelry.

They strongly believe that there is substantial demand within the growing immigrant population in America. It’s only a matter of time before we see more big brands opening their stores in Desi-populated states. Indian weddings are becoming common in the U.S. these days; in the past, everyone used to go to India for weddings, but that has changed.