New York Looks Like a Mexican Cartel MovieDue to numerous uncontrolled wildfires in Canada, New York City underwent a remarkable transformation and now resembles a scene from a movie.

Considering the poor air quality, it is recommended that both seniors and young children limit their time outdoors if possible.

The smoke coming from forest fires in Quebec and Ontario not only led to Toronto experiencing a ‘high risk’ level of air pollution but also affected several states in the United States.

A total of 211 reported wildfires are currently burning in Quebec and Ontario, with 145 of them classified as “out of control.”

This situation highlights the fragility and interconnectedness of the entire world when it comes to environmental matters. Interestingly, Americans are also discussing Delhi, which has surpassed New York City as the major city with the worst air quality in the world.

New Yorkers are strongly advised to avoid going out on the streets tonight. Numerous videos are being shared on social networks, depicting the coverage of New York City by the smoke from the Canadian wildfires.