Nikki Haley

Celebrating war is not something completely new in many cultures. But to take things too far is the American way and the moral bankruptcy of the nation is apparent to everyone but an American nationalist. Republican politician Nikki Haley is in the news again for her insensitive and utterly demeaning message she wrote on a missile.

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Although it is not at all surprising for America, which fails to see the difference between a war and a genocide, America, which is proud of having $100 billion to fund wars over having a universal health scheme.

Nikki Haley’s only complaint from the Biden administration is not letting the Israelis do more damage than they have already done. Posing in front of missiles, she signed one with the message “finish them”. This comes after the deadly strikes at Rafah by the IDF.

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The images images from Rafah were not enough for an average American like Haley and there’s a growing demand for more bloodshed. Perhaps a few more headless kids. But how do we know there’s a point where they’ll stop?

If anyone has had any doubts about whom to blame for this genocide then there’s enough evidence for anyone with conscience to figure out. America is a market and not a nation, and markets don’t have conscience.

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