Hunter Biden

This is the first time in history when the son of a sitting US President has been criminally convicted. Current President’s son has been found guilty in his federal gun trial. He was charged for owning a gun while being addicted to drugs. Prosecutors said he has lied about his drug addiction when he bought the gun. There were two more charges on him for lying on a federal check regarding his drug abuse. Hunter Biden expressed his disappointment regarding the outcome but he was grateful for the love and support from his wellwishers.

According to experts he could face jailtime but the maximum punishment of 25 years is a highly unlikely outcome.

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President Biden didn’t interfere in this matter but he expressed how proud he is of his son as his upwards battle against drug addiction has succeeded. The three gun charges are related to the revolver he purchased in 2018 while being addicted to smack cocain. It was under his possession for 11 days and it goes against the US gun laws.

As no one is above the law, Hunter is facing the consequences. The case will go on trial in September.

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