The Western world has left no opportunity to tell us that the South Asian and African democracies are not as serious as they are. Much of their claim is based on the I’ll reputation of the system which was developed under colonial rule and what transpires in our parliaments. But every now then there comes a time when the West is shown the mirror and the true nature of their ‘civilized’ society is exposed.

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A video from the parliament of Italy is going viral on the internet in which many MPs can be seen fighting with each other in barbaric fashion. In the video one MP can be seen trying to wrap an Italian flag over another which resulted in the brawl.

The issue started with the lawmaker protesting a reform bill that would give more autonomy to specific regions. The scenes from the parliament are shocking and MPs can be seen delivering blows to one another. All this was happening in the very place that is responsible for creating laws that govern the nation.

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The Europeans had discarded other nations as savages when they began their imperial stint. Time has told us multiple times what savagery looks like and where to spot it.

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