US Mass Shootings

The United States of America has the highest funded police force in the world. But does it guarantee a safe environment for its citizens? Unfortunately, the country is turning more unsafe every day with a growing number of mass shootings. The surprising and concerning thing here is that educational institutions are usually the prime target in most of these attacks.

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Another mass shooting has shocked the country as three people died when shots were fired near the University of Cincinnati campus. Two others have also been injured in this shooting. Police have detained two suspects and recovered a number of guns from the scene.

There is something seriously wrong going on in America because schools and universities are usually the most protected and safe places to be at. The gun culture is corrupting the young minds of the country and through them this pandemic finds its way into classrooms.

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This incident took place near the campus of University of Cincinnati which is extremely concerning for the students. Scores of young innocents lose their lives getting caught in crossfires and mass shootings. The failure of America to address this issue should be made a matter of global shame for the country but it looks like it doesn’t care.

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