As tourists, we’re often told to beware of thugs and scams as we’re their primary targets. Trusting random strangers can cost you your life savings as it happened with this woman from the US who got scammed in Jaipur. A US National has registered a case against a jewelry shop owner and his son accusing them of selling fake jewelry.

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The woman paid a massive ₹6 crore for a piece of jewelry she bought at their store. It turned out that the jewelry was only worth ₹300. The woman got to know she had been scammed when she put her jewelry at an exhibition in the USA where they told her it was fake.

When she came back to confront the scammers, her allegations were ignored. She had to seek help from the US embassy and after their intervention, the police got involved in the matter. It is alleged that the scammers are on the run and they bought a house with the scammed money.

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The police have arrested the person who created the fake certificate of the jewelry. The search for the other two are on. Incidents like these set India back and hamper its tourism industry.