We’re noticing an increase in crimes involving Indians, but this type of incident is actually very rare in the U.S.

According to St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph McCulloch, a 20-year-old Indian man (Name not revealed) was “brutally beaten” and subjected to other forms of abuse in St. Charles County by a man he described as “very wealthy, powerful, and influential in India,” according to charging documents.

Venkatesh Reddy Sattaru and two others face charges of trafficking for slavery purposes, kidnapping, and forced labor abuse among several other charges in connection with the investigation that began in Defiance, Missouri, on Wednesday.

The inquiry initiated after a concerned citizen reported abuse at a home.

Initially unable to locate the victim, police eventually found him running out of the house, seeking help from officers.

“He has scarring, literally, from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet,” said St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph McCulloch in a press conference.

Police stated that Nikhil V. Penmatsa and Sraban Penumetcha, also charged in the case, were present at the home. Officers isolated the victim from the others to conduct an interview.

Once alone with the police, the victim described enduring daily savage beatings.

The victim detailed a life of severely restricted food, sleep deprivation, and “brutal assaults.”

According to the victim, his routine included morning and evening chores, online work for Sattaru’s IT company, two-hour massages for Sattaru, and a mere three-hour sleep allowance each day. During nights, he was confined in an unfinished basement, forced to sleep on the concrete floor, monitored by a video surveillance camera.

The victim mentioned that Sattaru primarily administered the beatings but also directed Penmatsa and Penumetcha to inflict harm.

Venkatesh Reddy Sattaru, Nikhil V. Penmatsa, and Sravan Penumetcha are being held without bond due to concerns of potential flight from the country.