Director Gautham Menon OTT Dark side Deals Market

Today, the bigger concern for any small to medium-range film is securing an OTT deal prior to its release to recover a significant portion of production costs.

Without a locked OTT deal, if a film flops, there are no buyers in the current market. Streamers avoid purchasing films that receive minimal views upon streaming.

Tamil director Gautham Menon is facing hard time with his long-delayed film, Dhruva Natchathiram, in securing an OTT buyer.

He mentions that major OTT players claim their 2024 slates are already set, but they might randomly acquire a few films. He says OTTs advised him to change his film’s release date from November as their December OTT schedules are already full.

Gautham Menon says these three or four guys, who decide which films their OTT platform should buy, struggle to properly pronounce South movie titles. He cites an example. He says most films are at the mercy of these four individuals.

Some films secure OTT deals without filming a single scene, based solely on the strength of their cast and technical crew. However, for others, the fate of securing OTT deals defines their success, reflecting a rather unfortunate reality in today’s industry.