Baby Reindeer

Ever since Netflix dropped their miniseries Baby Reindeer, it has managed to retain the spotlight for one reason or the other. The series became an instant hit all around the world and reached the top 10 trending in many of these countries. It also managed to stay in the news because of its controversial claim of it being based on a true story. Now the series has added another feather to its cap for which Netflix will be proud.

Baby Reindeer has become the latest entry to the all time top 10 list of English language shows on Netflix. It has passed The Witcher season one and replaced it on the list. Baby Reindeer has amassed 84.5 million views so far on the platform.

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Baby Reindeer was released on 11th of April and has managed to achieve this feat in only two months. Netflix calculates total views for a period of 13 weeks and this means that the show still has nearly a month to surpass others as well.

Baby Reindeer is a haunting yet captivating experience of 4 hours that is sure to give goosebumps at one point or another. Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning have acted exceptionally well and the writing has delivered.

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