Gullak Season 4

TVF is a leading name in OTT entertainment, known for hit shows like Panchayat, Gullak, The Aspirants, Yeh Meri Family, and Kota Factory. These shows have captured the hearts of viewers across all demographics.

Now, Gullak Season 4 is streaming on SonyLiv and it’s another triumph for TVF.

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If anyone had to pick three shows that truly represent India, Panchayat would be at the top, followed by Gullak and Aspirants. All three are produced by TVF, known for creating beloved and thoughtful Hindi shows.

Audience reviews for Gullak Season 4 are overwhelmingly positive. This series provides a comforting escape for those facing life’s challenges.

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However, some critics argue that “middle-class is not the same as nostalgia” and “old is not always gold.” They feel that TVF’s shows, including Gullak, often present an overly nostalgic and static view of life, missing the darker, more complex realities.

The cast as usual delivers strong performances. Jameel Khan as Santosh Mishra, Geetanjali Kulkarni as Shanti Mishra, Vaibhav Raj Gupta as Anand “Annu” Mishra, and Harsh Mayar as Aman Mishra shine once again.

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Created by TVF (The Viral Fever), Gullak Season 4 is produced by Arunabh Kumar, written by Vidit Tripathi, and directed by Shreyansh Pandey.