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Malayalam cinema’s box office blockbuster Aavesham is one of the most hyped Mallu films in recent times and it is heading for release soon. The film is now heading for its OTT debut on Disney+ Hotstar on the 9th of this month. The OTT debut is virtually hours away.

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Coming to the topic, there is a parallel narrative on the film that the producers are greedy about making more money through the early OTT release of the film.

Incidentally, Aavesham is arriving on OTT just 4 weeks post its theatrical release. To put that into perspective, other recent Mallu blockbusters like Manjummel Boys and Premalu were released on OTT 9-10 weeks after the theatrical release. This was to encash the elongated theatrical run and make sure theatrical buyers made money.

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In the case of Aavesham, the film is still doing very well at the box office. It reportedly grossed over Rs 1 crore at the Kerala box office yesterday, which is a big deal in the Mallu market.

Despite the good box office prospects that are working for the film, the OTT release is happening in 4 weeks. This has led to a comment that the producers are greedy to make money from the OTT platform through early OTT debut. At the same time, a few argue that the producer is also bound to make money through the OTT deal for making a winning product.

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