Kota Factory Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for Kota Factory season 3 is out and our beloved Jeetu Bhaiya has a lot to share with us. The season 3 trailer dives into the psyche of a JEE aspirant and shows that there’s a lot more going on along with the pressure of clearing such a difficult exam. The way in which a student needs a companion and a guide to help them through thick and thin is portrayed very well.

It is time for war and our lead characters can feel the pressure. Vaibhab breaking down is another highlight of this trailer though it seems that a few cliches have been followed in this season. The fast-paced ranting of Vaibhab seemed too similar to what we saw in the previous entry, with just a change of topic.

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But one thing the trailer has established very well is that this is “war” and only a “Jeetu Bhaiya” can them, not “Jeetu Sir”. In a session that seemed like an episode of a podcast, Jeetu Bhaiya said, “Taiyari jeet ki nahi, taiyari hi jeet hai”. It is an important lesson that every student must understand in order to excel in this competitive world and the third season of Kota Factory conveys it perfectly.