The wait is finally over. Prime Video has officially confirmed the release date for its most anticipated Indian web series ‘Mirzapur’ Season 3.

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The 90-sec teaser felt like a movie on its own with the masterful narration that compared the fight for Mirzapur with the Jungle. All the main characters have reprised their roles. The best part about the teaser was comparing the characters with the animals from the jungle, from lion to cats and cheetah, the narrator left none.

The release date was teased a few days back in the form of a picture puzzle. But, with the release of the teaser, it has been confirmed that it will premiere on 5th July. The first two seasons came out in 2018 and 2020 respectively and were massive hits.

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Season 1 was a phenomenon in the country with characters like Munna Bhaiya and Guddu ruling the internet. Season 2 was a hit as well but many fans had reviewed it to be not living upto the hype created by the creators.

Now, four years later, the third season is here. Fans are expecting it to be worth the wait otherwise it will go down as many other shows that could not live upto the hype once they gained considerable fan following.

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