Maharaj OTT

Aamir Khan’s son, Junaid Khan, is gearing up for his acting debut with the upcoming OTT film, Maharaj. However, even before its release, the film has stirred up controversy.

A few days ago we reported that some Hindu organizations are planning to protest against the film once the election results are announced.

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The Bajrang Dal has now threatened to block the film’s release online, alleging it could portray religious leaders negatively.

Maharaj, inspired by a true story, features Jaideep Ahlawat alongside Junaid. The film delves into the historic Maharaj Libel Case of 1862, one of India’s landmark legal battles.

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Junaid takes on the role of journalist and social reformer Karsandas Mulji, while Ahlawat portrays Jadunathji Brijratanji Maharaj, a prominent figure in the Vallabhacharya sect.

A Bajrang Dal spokesperson has demanded a private screening for their members before the film’s OTT release, expressing concerns over the potential misrepresentation of religious figures.

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He warned that the group might resort to legal action or other means to halt the film’s release if their demands aren’t met.

Director Siddharth P. Malhotra and the film’s team have yet to respond to these demands. Despite the controversy, the first look of Maharaj was recently unveiled online, generating buzz. The film, set to premiere on Netflix on June 14, showcases Junaid convincingly as a journalist, while Ahlawat’s portrayal of the religious leader is intense and commanding.