Saurabh Netravalkar

The Cricket World Cup 2024 has just begun and we have already seen one of the biggest upsets the game of cricket has ever seen. Pakistan was humiliated after facing a crushing defeat by the host nation, USA. Yes, this is not a typo and the American cricket team which has never even qualified for the world cup, defeated the mighty Pakistan team.

The glamor of the world cup seems a bit lost in this edition and other world events have stolen the limelight from it. When we were all busy analyzing the results of elections, a few cricketers from the USA, who don’t even play cricket in full time beat Pakistan and crushed players who rank among the tops in the world.

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The architect of this victory, Saurabh Netravalkar, has an 8 year experience working at Oracle. Saurabh is currently employed as Principal Member of Technical staff at Oracle.

He played a huge role in limiting the Pakistani team to a low score by his impressive bowling figures, taking two wickets in 4 overs. This upset has become a hot topic on the internet and memes are flooding. Some people are saying that he defeated the Pakistani team just to be welcomed back to his office with a pizza party.

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