House of the Dragon Season 2

In the new instalment of House Of The Dragon, we have the same good old Dragons, Same Dragon Warriors and the same confusing names.

Few months ago the craze went to absolute hype when the announcement was launched about House of the Dragon , everyone must pick a side.

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But, somehow it feels like history is repeating itself, just in this case the history is the events, characters are dressed in similar manner, even action scenes have been created in the similar manner.

Now everytime they promise that it will be even bigger in scale and better, but in the process of making it a grand thing they forget about the storyline.

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Now the series is following the good old houses and their rivalry, nothing is new as such in the series. But the GOT fanatics are really enjoying the series based on the first 2 episodes, and 19 (which right now is 22) reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the series opened with 89% votes.

One person critically wrote on Rotten Tomatoes, “While it takes a few episodes for House of the Dragon to crescendo into the sort of grand, violent spectacle that the series does better than pretty much anything else on TV, there are enough nuggets of incident… to satisfy viewers’ bloodlust”.

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While the other person wrote, “If you thought you had built up a cast-iron stomach, immune to whatever horrors the Game of Thrones franchise may hurl your way, think again”.

So it is very evident that season 2 awaits with much spine chilling gore.