Spy X Family

While Wit Studios continues to deliver state-of-the-art animation in the action genre, many fans were waiting for the next season of Spy X Family, which recently got announced at a special event in Japan’s Musashino Forest Sports Plaza.

Although no release date is confirmed as of now, the news of the fan favorite anime’s return was enough to set the crowd in motion. A unique blend of Slice of Life and Action, Spy X Family happens to be one of the most loved anime out there. The official Twitter account of the anime brought forth a teaser visual for the upcoming third season. The character designs are illustrated by Kazuaki Shimada and designed by Yuni Yoshida.

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In the illustration, we see our protagonist, Anya Forger, sleeping peacefully in the lap of her best friend, Bond, the dog. The endearing visual is enough to send the fans in awe. Spy X Family took over the internet by storm in 2022, following which a sequel was released the next year. Now, Anya is once again set to expand her adventures for the third time, and we are all invited to join in.

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