Media-Angry-on-Latest-Big-Release-Sanju-DirectorOn one hand, ‘Sanju‘ is creating a sensation at the box-office and there is every scope that the movie turns out to be the topmost grosser among the Non-Baahuali movies, on the other hand, media is very angry on the director, Rajkumar Hirani. Why?

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It’s a known thing that he is the most respected directors in Bollywood. But, Bollywood media is now firing on the director because there are episodes in the movie blaming media that it was the reason for the terrorist stamp on Sanjay Dutt. Now, the movie is proving that Rajkumar Hirani’s point is right by attacking him on his point of view about the media.

We are left with one doubt! Can media say anything about anybody using a question mark? If the director did the same, criticising using a question mark, media is unable to take it and going totally against it. Is media invincible?

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