Manikarnika-VFXThis isn’t the era of those emotional dramas and the regular love stories. The VFX is indeed ruling the film industry no matter which region the film is coming from. And, with the demand increased, there raised the time to release the films. After all, the directors want the perfect outfit, isn’t it? Following Shankar whose 2.0 has been the victim of the VFX delay, another director from South suffers the same.

Krish’s Manikarnika is a heavy budgeted film with great expectations on the film for the photos leaked from the shoot and the actress’s vigorous sword training with injuries made it more interesting. Well, the film’s release date earlier was pushed to Independence day and now the film may not release as planned again.

Guess what, it’s all the work of VFX which is delayed for this film too, just like for Shankar’s 2.0 whom the people waited, waited and lost the interest. Is Kangana’s Manikarnika passing the same way? Maybe.