Bellamkonda-Suresh-Car-TheftIn a shocking incident that happened in Jubilee Hills earlier today, Tollywood producer, Bellamkonda Suresh‘s car was looted by miscreants.

Reportedly, the culprits looted Rs 50,000 cash from Suresh’s car that was parked near his office in Jubilee Hills.

It is reported that Rs 50,000 cash and as many as 11 costly liquor bottles were looted from the car and a police case has been filed now.

It is primarily understood that the car’s windows were smashed open by the robbers and it was an elaborate procedure.

A police case has been filed and an investigation is underway to track and trace the culprits. The nature of the crime is the catching point here is that robbers dared to loot the car that was parked near the producer’s office that has CCTV coverage.

It is identified that the theft happened in the Mercedes Benz car that is owned by Bellamkonda Suresh.