Coffee With my Wife Movie

The latest film by director by Vidyasagar, ‘Coffee With my Wife’, is being presented by Neelam Shankar while production is handled by director-cum-producer Madan. The film sees Anish Tejeswaar and Sindhu Loknath playing the lead couple while the music is by ‘Mantra’ Anand along with lyrics by Chaitanya Prasad and Baladitya.

About the film, Madan says, ‘It is a fine mixture of sweet romance and pure entertainment. We have to mix some sugar, some coffee powder and some milk to prepare a good coffee. Some romance, some love and a few quarrels together blossom in a good married life. We are showing the same in our movie. The film is the sequence of events in a newly married couple’s life. The film would not bore at any place.’

Talking about the shooting schedule for the film, Director Vidyasagar says, ‘We are shooting non- stop without break from November 23 in Hyderabad. With December 22 schedule, a major talkie part and three songs would be complete. Later we will shoot two songs in January abroad.’