Actress Mehreen Pirzada

The film industry is a harsh place. Adding to the film related commotion, every comment and social media post of actors come under immense scrutiny if they’re wrongly perceived.

In the case of Mehreen’s latest comment, it has blown up and here’s a look into the same.

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Recently, Mehreen said egg freezing is a technique that can be used by busy couples and working women to hold their pregnancy journey to a later point in time. This is a viable technique for couples who can’t afford the time and space at this point in time but wish to have this beautiful journey.

Incidentally, this comment quickly went south as people started to comment that Mehreen herself is using egg freezing method. This was widely carried by a few media outlets as well.

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The actress has now responded to the same as she said her comments were misconstrued by media.

“I said this technique can be used by anyone who is interested. I never said I myself am using it. The media people must have some conscience before writing such needs I demand taking down these media reports immediately. Else, there will be legal consequences” she said about the same.

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