Adipurush-Movie-CensorPrabhas’s big budget project Adipurush has hit the penultimate phase. The film is releasing in theaters worldwide in days from now.

Coming to the topic, Adipurush has completed its formalities and has been accredited with a U certificate. The only thing due now is the film hitting theaters.

However, there’s a catch here. The teasers and trailer built doubt on the visual presentation of the characters, their looks, and more importantly the VFX imagery.

From the merit standpoint, the epic of Ramayan is known to all and there’s nothing new in terms of the story that Adipurush can offer. So the visual optic is the decisive factor here.

While there are doubts about the looks of the characters and the grade of VFX after seeing the promotional content, the very same box will have to be ticked if Adipurush is to strike the right chord with the audience.

So the biggest doubt on Adipurush – VFX and looks will play a telling role in the audience reception, given that the story is already known and the only exclusive aspect of Adipurush is the aforementioned factors. Will this doubt turn to strength? We will know on 16 June.