Adipurush Team in Panic!Adipurush has become one of the most criticized and trolled teasers of all time. Right from the tacky VFX, poor animation, unimaginative character designs, poor costumes, casting choices, and weird getups, everything in the teaser has turned out to be troll material.

The social media platforms and even news channels are ranting day and night about how bad Adipurush‘s teaser has turned out to be. The anger is even more because the film depicts the story of one of the most loved gods of India, Lord Rama.

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The team has hit panic mode since then and trying silly gimmicks to overcome negativity. Om Raut has issued a statement that he was disheartened but not surprised by the incessant trolling because Adipurush is made for the big screen and that impact cannot be experienced in a teaser on a mobile phone. He added that given a choice, he would never put the teaser on YouTube but to reach a wider audience they had to release it.

Om Raut must realize that even the biggest IMAX, 3D, and VFX-laden films like Avatar and Avengers get their trailers released on YouTube and people appreciate their magnanimity even on their mobile phones.

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There are also reports that the team has requested some blue-ticked Twitter influencers to reduce the negativity on the film. Some of them have posted that Adipurush 3D version on the big screen is fantastic and the experience is totally different from what they saw on mobile.

They have been asked to tweet that graphics look much better & grander on the screen and mobile viewing couldn’t do justice to the Adipurush teaser.

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The Adipurush team should stop resorting to such gimmicks. People are very smart these days and they do know what has turned out to be good and what has not. So the team must concentrate on rectifying the mistakes and make sure that at least the trailer leaves a better impact on the audience.